The DDA (Dhahran Dive Association) was formed om 1980 to cater to the scuba divers in Dhahran.  With 34 years of experience and knowledge we are able to support and service our Dive Members.

The DDA regularly organizes social events such as Monthly Dinner Meetings, Treasure Hunts, Refresher Dives and much more.  Check our website regularly for incoming events.

We are proud to present the 2016 elected Board Members.  These Board Members are a dedicated volunteer team to ensure that all DDA Members’s needs are met.

Board PositionContactEmailWork PhoneHome PhoneCell Phone
PresidentFred Voukalfred.vouk@aramco.com880-9658878-4053
Vice-PresidentDavid Owen880-9902050-385-3127
TreasurerJames VanderVyverjames.vandervyver@aramco.com874-6671050-481-3547
SecretaryLouise Toddann.todd@aramco.com873-3689
Membership DirectorRosie Healeyrosie.healey@jhah.com877-7547
Air Station DirectorBelinda Hayden Tamezbetamez3@gmail.com878-0433054-788-7338
Air Station DirectorDavid Owen880-9902050-385-3127
Equipment DirectorBelinda Hayden
Training DirectorHaitham Khaiyathaitham.khaiyat@aramco.com862-8260055-820-2000
WebmasterJuan "Ricardo" Simeonijuan.simeoni@aramco.com880-0196053-217-8159
Member at LargeEmily Young878-4053