Dive Trips DDA Dhahran Dive AssociationOur DDA members are planning to have some great dive trips this year.  The DDA publishes trips that are organized and run by DDA members.  DDA trip costs and diver numbers are kept as low as possible to increase our enjoyment!

Dive trips are periodically organized by DDA Instructors and DDA Members at large.

For a list of available dive trips please contact the DDA Dive Instructors directly.

Once you decide to join a dive trip the Dive Trip Organizer will stay in contact with the partecipants to inform them of any possible changes.  It is also the responsibility of the Participants to stay in contact with the Dive Trip Organizer to confirm and verify the schedule.

Prior departure to any dive trip it is mandatory for all Participants to submit a properly filled the DDA Liability Release Form.

The Dive Trip Organizer reserves the right to choose who will be on their trip to ensure trouble-free diving, safety at all times and a friendly atmosphere.

The DDA reserves the right to remove any Member on the advice of Dive Trip Organizers for any reason.